Dublin Thunder

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Dublin Thunder will be announced on

Monday, February 1

Dublin Thunder

The Irish have a long tradition of producing tough international cyclists like Sean Kelly and Stephen Roche, legends of the sport who put their small country on the global cycling map. Famous riders and the growing popularity of cycling throughout the country has stimulated interest in building Ireland‘s first indoor velodrome in–where else—Dublin, the home of the active Sundrive Velodrome, one of three outdoor tracks in the country. Rolling into the World Cycling League with a scrappy team of hungry track stars, the Dublin Thunder was arguably the most popular team. Despite crashes and a string of last places, the Thunder won the hearts of the crowd with their determination and no fear attacking style when least expected.

Dublin Thunder Riders

WCL Dublin Thunder Manager Hugh Byrne

Hugh Byrne, Manager

Hugh Byrne has lead a team of volunteer coaches at Ireland’s National Velodrome in his native Dublin for the past 10 years and has been involved in all stages of riders development, in some cases from their very first day on the track all the way through to National squad.  He founded Ireland’s top track cycling team in 2008, and has lead them to domination of the domestic scene. He has coached multiple National Champions at Elite, Youth and Masters level with a particular domination in team events and, as National Team Manager, there are not many Irish riders who have not had the benefit of his help or advice at some stage.  His primary interest is in bringing his unique style of coaching to developing riders of all levels. Hugh leads from the trenches, brings a true sense of team to the Dublin Thunder and has huge confidence in his riders to punch above their weight!

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