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Matthew Rotherham | TeamTrak Pilot Event Archive

Matthew Rotherham

TeamTrak Riders

This is archived content from the 2016 TeamTrak Pilot

Matthew Rotherham

  • Rider Number #31
  • Speciality Sprinter
  • Age 21
  • Home Town Bolton, United Kingdom
  • Country GBR
  • Height: 5’ 7’’
  • Weight: 198 lbs
  • Years Racing: 9
  • Education:
  • Career Highlights:
    • 2015 Tandem Sprint Champion, Trexlertown PA
    • Silver Medalist in the British National Sprint Championships, 2015
    • Bronze Medalist in the British National Team Sprint Championships, 2015
    • 2011 British National 1km Time Trial Champion in both Junior and Senior events
  • Assessment:
    • World class explosive power over 200 meters
    • Extreme competitiveness and no fear
    • Deadly in shorter distances, but may struggle in longer races
Matthew Rotherham WCL

Matthew Rotherham, the “King of New England”, is one of the hottest up and coming sprinters in the world, whose fierce competitiveness and unmatched strength has put him amongst the elites of track cycling worldwide. Hailing from Great Britain, a place where velodrome racing has exploded and now breeds World and Olympic Champions by the generation, Matthew is new track sensation who has been lighting the world on fire with his blistering 200 meter sprint which is now close to 10.1 seconds. Although his disciplined mentality fuels his unwillingness to lose, he carries a flare of personality that is sure to captivate the crowd as the King of the Nor’Easters.

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