TeamTrak 2016 Pilot Event Overview

This is archived content from the 2016 TeamTrak Pilot

TeamTrak Premiere

March 18-19, 2016 Velo Center, Carson CA

The World Cycling League answered the question:
“What is the future of track cycling?”

On March 18th and 19th, 2016 WCL introduced TeamTrak, an exciting, made for television format that will redefine indoor velodrome racing with venue-identified teams, standardized events, easy to follow scoring and state-of-the-art technology. Six teams of seven top international male and female riders matched wheels in a 12 race card of exciting sprint, kierin, elimination and endurosprint races in a three session triple header.

All six teams battled for three sessions with team point winners and male and female MVRs honored at the end of the each session.  At the conclusion of the three session TeamTrak Tournament, the PA Lightning emerged victorious with 28 points over the Mexico Heat (25) and the California Wave (21), concluding a great weekend of track cycling and an unforgettable experience of entertaining, unique sport!

Three Individual Sessions
All The Same Format

Friday March 18, 2016 – Evening

6:00 PMDoors Open
7:30 PMTeams Introduction and Opening Ceremonies
7:50 PMFirst Event
10:00 PMAwards Ceremony

Saturday March 19, 2016 – Afternoon

12:00 PMDoors Open
1:30 PMTeams Introduction and Opening Ceremonies
1:50 PMFirst Event
4:00 PMAwards Ceremony

Saturday March 19, 2016 – Evening

6:00 PMDoors Open
7:30 PMTeams Introduction and Opening Ceremonies
7:50 PMFirst Event
10:00 PMAwards Ceremony

About TeamTrak Conferences

  • A six month winter season of TeamTrak Tournaments is the cornerstone of a TeamTrak conference. Each Conference will be based at a permanent indoor velodrome that meets league production standards. Properly designed 200m and 250m velodromes housed in a building capable of accommodating at least 2000 spectators with appropriate amenities and technology standards will be required.
  • Each  conference will host up to 12, 3 day TeamTrak Tournaments per season (October-March) and will serve as a venue for talent development and team training.
  • The first full TeamTrak conference will be based at the National Velodrome and Events Center being developed in eastern Pennsylvania with anticipated opening in 2019/2020


View the 2016 Teams and Riders
  • A  TeamTrak Team consists of eight riders with four men and four women on each team.
  • Each TeamTrak conference will host six venue-based teams TeamTrak-registered teams in each conference meet.
  • All TeamTrak teams will be licensed by the WCL.


Interested competitive cyclists are welcome to apply for team consideration.

Fans experienced Six World Class Cycling Teams in Head to Head Racing Action from the Winners Circle in track center, a feature of all future WCL events!


What to Expect

Have you ever seen a track cycling event? If you have, don’t expect TeamTrak to be like any track race you’ve ever seen. If you haven’t, get ready for an amazing sporting event!

From the moment you enter the National Velodrome, you’ll feel the electricity. The music. The lighting. And the colorful swirl of athletic male and female cyclists warming up around the steep-walled velodrome. You’ll notice the video cameras and the big screens: one showing live action on the track and throughout the arena and the other — a scoreboard with information every sports fan expects; the schedule of races, the teams line-up, who’s up next, standings from the last event and more.

You’ll meet and be entertained by top English speaking track racing announcers whose expert commentary and back and forth dialog will make sure you meet the riders, learn about the races and follow all the inside action.

And then there will be the cyclists themselves, the best male and female athletes carefully selected from around the world. You’ll be mesmerized by their speed, power and personality as they chase points for their teams in each one of TeamTrak’s twelve daily races.

The cyclists who competed in WCL’s TeamTrak Premiere were chosen from hundreds of qualified applicants from eleven nations. Future WCL athletes will be chosen from a unique qualification and team draft leading up to Season One.

We put together the best possible presentation team to bring you the show for our pilot event in LA. Watch for them as WCL races toward the future.

WCL Competition Manager Marty Nothstein

Marty Nothstein, Competition Director

Without question, Nothstein is the best track cyclist the United States has ever produced. He began his career as a teenage participant in the legendary track development program at the Lehigh Valley Velodrome in Trexlertown and has amassed 35 National Titles, 4 Pan Am Games Gold Medals, 7 World Championship Medals, 3 World Championship titles, a silver medal in the 1996 Olympics and gold at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney Australia. He competed in three Olympics, has over 150 track and road race victories to his credit and now serves as the executive director at T-Town, arguably the best outdoor velodrome in North America. Nothstein brought his legendary experience to the WCL, directing all aspects of the competition throughout race weekend and will be instrumental in WCL’s future development.

Brian Drebber, WCL Lead Commentator

Brian Drebber, Lead Commentator

Brian Drebber began announcing at the Trexlertown Velodrome (now Valley Preferred Cycling Center) in 1977 as an understudy to WCL founder Dave Chauner while still competing as a racing cyclist. He set out on a full-time career behind the microphone the following year which continues to this day including television, radio and public address announcing in a variety of venues including Olympic, Pan American and Goodwill Games. And while his resume includes having covered World Championships in 28 different sports on a dozen different networks, Drebber has always maintained a special affection for track cycling where it all started.

WCL S. Wallace

Shaun Wallace, Infield Reporter, Analyst

Shaun Wallace had a long career as a top cyclist on both track and road although he was best known as a tough, savvy competitor on the velodrome, competing for Great Britain in two Olympic Games and three Commonwealth Games. He spent many seasons in the United States and loved racing at the Trexlertown Velodrome where he was named Rider of the Year five times and was inducted into the velodrome’s first Hall of Fame class in 2003. As a commentator, Wallace knows the riders and the strategies and brought his unique perspective, insight and British accent to the first WCL show.

Ralph J. Mole, WCL Video Producer

Ralph J. Molé, Video Producer

Ralph J. Molé is one of most well respected names in the sports and entertainment production industry with three decades of experience guiding creative, technical and operational aspects of live and recorded programs for broadcast and online distribution. With more than 1500 productions and 15 awards to his credit including 4 Emmy Awards and 2 Cable Ace Awards, his shows have appeared on ESPN, ABC Sports, CBS Sports, NBC Sports and many regional and international cable networks. Ralph and his team produced the live show for inside the arena, the three session livestream and nearly eight hours of TeamTrak coverage to tell the WCL story leading up to Season One.

Sessions and Points

Event 1Women 500m Sprint2 Laps30 Points1 Rider per Team (6)
Event 2Men 500m Sprint2 Laps30 Points1 Rider per Team (6)
Event 3Men 3,000m EnduroSprint12 Laps, 1 Point Lap36 Points3 Riders per Team (18)
Event 4Women 2,000m Keirin8 Laps30 Points1 Rider per team (6)
Event 5Men 2,000m Keirin8 Laps30 Points1 Rider per team (6)
Event 6Women Elimination to 332 Laps30 Points3 Riders per Team (18)
Event 7Men 5,000m EnduroSprint20 Laps, 2 Points Laps42 Points3 Riders per Team (18)
Event 8Women 3,000m EnduroSprint12 Laps, 1 Points Lap36 Points2 Riders per Team (12)
Event 9Men Elimination to 332 Laps30 Points3 Riders per Team (18)
Event 10Men 1000m Sprint4 Laps, 1 Points Lap36 Points1 Rider per Team (6)
Event 11Women 8,000m EnduroSprint 32 Laps, 2 Points Laps42 Points3 Riders per Team (18)
Event 12Men 12,000m EnduroSprint48 Laps, 3 Points Laps48 Points4 Riders per Team (24)

Point Scoring