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League Information

World Cycling League Format

WCL is a new, innovative professional track cycling league of teams and indoor racing events designed to capitalize on the American and worldwide interest in cycling by presenting an entertaining format – TeamTrak — that will appeal to modern sports fans while preserving and enhancing the sport’s most exciting velodrome racing events. WCL’s goal is to build fans, develop talent and create a sustainable and expandable league that brings new definition to cycling.

VELO Sports Center Indoor Velodrome

This world class 250m indoor velodrome in Carson, CA will be the headquarters and showcase facility for WCL’s first conference of four new WCL-owned domestic track cycling teams and two invited international teams.

WCL Conferences

A WCL conference is made up of 6 venue-identified teams anchored by a permanent indoor velodrome capable of hosting up to 12, 3 day WCL TeamTrak Cycling meets between October and March each year. WCL’s first conference, USA National, is based at the VELO Sports Center and its first full season will be from October, 2016 through March, 2017. Additional conferences will be hosted by approved indoor velodromes around the world and will be added as support warrants.

WCL Teams

Each WCL team is identified by a venue such as a city, region or country. All WCL domestic teams will be initially owned and managed by WCL and all sponsorship rights to the teams will be held by WCL. A WCL team is made up of seven men and women riders:

  • 4 Men: 1 Sprint Rider and 3 Endurance Riders
  • 3 Women: 1 Sprint Rider and 2 Endurance Riders

The WCL will name alternates that will be called up to replace any injured riders

TeamTrak Format

The core of TeamTrak is a 12 race Meet among six teams that lasts less than 3 hours. A Meet includes races for men and women, with a 2 to 4 minute break between each race and a 15 minute half time. The standard TeamTrak Tournament is 3 Meets run over 3 days. A regular season is 12, 3 day Tournaments (36 Meets) and runs from October through March.

TeamTrak Scoring

Riders score points for their team in each race. Standings are updated in real time during each race. At the end of each Meet and each 3 day Tournament, teams are ranked according to the number of points accumulated. A Tournament score is assigned to each Team: 6 points for a win down to 1 point for 6th place. Tracking team standings and rider results throughout the season builds and sustains fan interest.

TeamTrak Races

TeamTrak takes the best and most exciting events in track cycling and combines them into a fast moving program that showcases the sport’s best attributes: Speed, endurance, bike handling and teamwork. Featured races will include massed start events at different distances: Eliminations, Kierin, Points Races, Scratch Races and Super Sprints.

Promotion and Marketing

TeamTrak Cycling is made for television and is ideal for sponsorship. Breaks between races allow commercial time as well as up close and personal features that will enhance, not interrupt, racing action. WCL’s broad sponsorship platform includes, teams, events, special features, hospitality and media packages incorporating internet, television, radio, print and social media.

League Expansion

WCL’s growth will capitalize on the widespread interest in building indoor velodromes and the need to provide quality programming for existing, underutilized velodromes around the world. WCL’s goal is to first create proof of concept with the USA National Conference at VELO Sports Center. Within 5 years WCL expects to have three fully operational conferences, each with a HQ velodrome, new teams and new riders. At that point, WCL will license 18 teams, have a pool of 126 riders and conduct 36 Tournaments per season. Inter-conference meets, playoffs and championships will enhance the popularity and marketability of TeamTrak Cycling.

Rider Information

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Selection Criteria

Minimum Qualifications

  • Professional or Category 1 track license as issued by UCI/USAC or home country federation. Although preference will be given to American cyclists, competitors from other nations are encouraged to apply
  • Competition resume indicating track and road experience and results
  • Demonstrated track sprint and/or endurance ability, personality and character
  • Availability to participate at VELO Sports Center in selections/training camp and the TeamTrak Premier March 17-20, 2016. Release from existing team, if applicable, to contract with WCL for the March event.

Rider Application

NOTICE: The application period closed on December 31, 2015 but riders may still apply for future review.

TeamTrak Tryouts

All riders who are eligible for the TeamTrak Tryouts will be expected to attend one or more tryout sessions according a schedule to be announced. WCL will provide a list of area accommodations and housing options as soon as possible.

Preparation and Training

All applicants are expected to come TeamTrak Tryouts in good condition and ready to race. All of the races will be the same events that comprise a TeamTrak Meet and will test speed, endurance and bike handling.

TeamTrak Qualifiers

16 men and 12 women plus up to 8 alternates will be selected after the tryouts and assigned to a team to compete in the TeamTrak Premiere, WCL’s inaugural event March 17-20. All riders who have been selected must sign the WCL Rider Contract prior to the event.

Contracts and Prize Money

The Team Track Premiere is an invitational event. Each accepted rider will be required to sign a performance contract detailing all terms and conditions. Total prize money for the TeamTrak Premier will be $15,000 and will be based on total team points scored, awarded to the team.

Official Rider Application

The application period for the World Cycling League’s 2016 TeamTrak Grand Premiere Tournament (March 17-20, 2016) held at the VELO Sports Center indoor velodrome in Carson, CA is now closed. All male and female competitive track cyclists who meet the WCL stipulated criteria may still apply for future consideration. Reach us with any questions or difficulties by email info@worldcyclingleague.com and please leave a contact phone number. We respond to all inquires promptly.

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