Frequently Asked Questions

There is little precedent for development of a successful track cycling league. Why will TeamTrak succeed?

TeamTrak takes a new approach to track cycling. Our business model incorporates elements that have made other sports financially viable: A fixed number of events during a six month season played among six venue-identified teams (four domestic and two international) in a controlled environment. The TeamTrak format is ideal for television and great for on-site spectators and internet viewers. Our financial plan monetizes these things and more.

Does TeamTrak require a 250 meter velodrome to comply with current UCI standards?

No. Although TeamTrak held its pilot event on the VELO Sports Center’s 250 meter velodrome, it is an exciting, entertaining format for track cycling that is based on a sustainable business model for indoor velodromes and does not depend upon traditional UCI requirements for its success. Smaller velodromes (166 and 200 meters) are ideal for TeamTrak. Smaller tracks offer the intimacy of a smaller venue so long as they have enough permanent seating and a good sized infield for hospitality, entertainment and other non-cycling events.

Where will TeamTrak events be held?

We have identified over 80 permanent indoor velodromes around the world as potential ideal headquarters for future TeamTrak conferences. The more important elements are seating capacity (ideally 2000 to 5000), sound, lighting, audience amenities and local management that is capable of co-promoting a new form of cycling. In addition to North America’s two World Class indoor velodromes, the VELO Sports Center in Los Angeles and the Mattamy Cycling Centre in Toronto, several communities around the U.S. are developing indoor velodromes as potential future conference sites for TeamTrak.

We have thoroughly analyzed velodrome design, construction and operating strategy with the understanding that many of the world’s indoor velodromes lack regular, spectator-oriented programming. With that in mind, we have focused on developing the National Sports and Events Center on the East Coast to host the TeamTrak’s first conference, serve as league headquarters, production studio and model facility. Likely sites under consideration are in Southeastern, PA and New Haven, CT.  Through this process, the TeamTrak helps developers analyze, plan and operate financially viable indoor velodromes as the anchor component of modest-sized multi-purpose arenas.

What is a TeamTrak Conference?

A TeamTrak conference is headquartered at an approved permanent indoor velodrome that can host up to thirteen three Day Tournaments during an October through March season. Each Tournament features competition among four venue-identified domestic teams plus two invited teams from outside the conference, typically international. TeamTrak’s first Conference will be based at the National Velodrome and Events Center under development on the East Coast.

When will TeamTrak be officially launched and teams announced?

TeamTrak’s official launch is scheduled to occur in late 2020 and early 2021 following the Tokyo Olympics with at least six TeamTrak tournaments held at selected velodromes around the world and at the National Sports & Events Center in Pennsylvania upon its completion.  League investors will help determine a team’s origination, generally from a region where a velodrome exists or new velodrome is likely to be built to host TeamTrak events. All teams will be licensed by TeamTrak and may be commercially sponsored so long as they are primarily identified with a venue whether in the U.S. or elsewhere. Teams will be announced and rider selections will be made at least three months prior to the first scheduled Tournament.

What is a standard TeamTrak team?

A TeamTrak team is made up of 8 riders: 4 men and 4 women. There are 3 endurance riders, and 1 sprinter for both men and women. All team riders in TeamTrak-licensed teams will be contracted directly to TeamTrak and placed into teams after a draft to ensure talent distribution across all licensed teams. Invited international teams will be required to meet the same configuration.

What is TeamTrak and how does it work?

The core of TeamTrak is a race meet of 12 to 13 races among six teams that lasts between 2 and 3 hours. A standard meet consists of 7 races for men and 5 or 6 races for women, with a 2 to 4-minute break between each race and a 15-minute halftime. The standard TeamTrak Tournament is 3 meets played over 3 days. A regular season runs from October through March and consists of up to twelve Three Day Tournaments totaling 36 days of racing.

What are the races in a TeamTrak Meet?

TeamTrak takes the best and most exciting events in track cycling and combines them into a fast-moving program that showcases the sport’s best attributes: Speed, endurance, bike handling and teamwork. Featured races will include massed start events at different distances, eliminations, kierin and more.

How is a TeamTrak Meet scored?

Riders score points for their team in each race. Points are awarded to the top five finishers of the last lap, in special 3 place sprints during the longer races and for any rider who laps the field. Point totals and team standings are calculated and displayed instantly on the arena scoreboard. At the end of the meet, the team that has accumulated the most points wins. The conference champion is the team that has accumulated the best Tournament record by the end of the season. Tracking rider results and team standings throughout the season is unprecedented and will build and sustain fan interest.

Where will the riders come from and how will they be selected?

There are many very good track racers in the U.S. and around the world. Prior to its official launch in 2020/21, the WCL will be soliciting and reviewing applications to select 32 riders (16 men and 16 women) to be placed on one of four domestic licensed teams for Season One. TeamTrak will announce details of the application and selection process at least six months prior to the first Tournament. Sign-up to stay informed.

Will teams from other nations participate?

Yes. Guest teams representing venues from other nations will be invited to compete in each TeamTrak season and conference. Representatives from other nations and indoor velodromes will be invited to the National Velodrome to observe TeamTrak events and prepare their own teams to anchor future TeamTrak conferences.

What new technologies will be incorporated into TeamTrak?

A major goal of TeamTrak is to utilize state of the art technology to enhance the excitement of following TeamTrak competition. Real-time scoring and instant display of accumulated point totals and team standings are the unprecedented cornerstones of the TeamTrak’s fan-friendly approach to track racing. On board cameras, transponders and LED lighting will be coordinated to transmit speed, power output, pedaling cadence and heart rate to the arena scoreboard, TV screens and personal communication devices. This information will be recorded and compiled to develop a statistical profile of each rider. We believe that track cycling is incredibly well-suited to these new forms of viewer engagement and will lead to unprecedented television and live streaming coverage of cycling and interest in the sport.

What are your plans for television and sponsorship?

TeamTrak is made for television and is ideal for sponsorship. Breaks between races allow commercial time as well as up close and personal features that will enhance, not interrupt, racing action. TeamTrak’s broad sponsorship platform includes teams, events, special features, hospitality and media packages incorporating internet, television, radio, print and social media. TeamTrak is developing partnerships with media companies and corporate sponsors to promote and monetize these assets.

What is TeamTrak’s expansion plan?

TeamTrak’s growth will capitalize on the widespread interest in building indoor velodromes and the need to provide quality programming for existing permanent indoor velodromes around the world. Our goal is to first create proof of concept during Season One. Within 5 years we expect to have three fully operational conferences, each with a HQ velodrome, 4 new teams and 32 new riders. At that point, WCL will license 12 TeamTrak teams, have a pool of 96 contracted riders and conduct up to 36 Three Day tournaments per season. Invited international teams will provide two additional teams per conference to enhance the popularity and marketability of TeamTrak and add to its expansion potential.